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Ingibjörg Reynisdóttir

  • 53 ára
  • Leikari

Ingibjörg is an Icelandic actress, author and screenwriter. She graduated from Den Ny Dramaskole - Center for the performing arts in Copenhagen in 1999 and has has played in films, television and on stage since then. She also has written novels and scripts for over 17 years.
Two of her books were really successful and based on them she wrote a film script Órói, english title: Jitters. The film got ten nominations at the Edda Awards in Iceland 2011, including script. It won the script award at the LesGaiCineMad Festival in Spain and was selected the best film at the Kristiansand international film festival in Norway. Jitters was a big international festival success. In 2012 Ingibjörg published an historical book called Gísli á Uppsölum, the book became bestseller in Iceland that year. Ingibjörg has been an active actress for over tventy years

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Hæð: 169 cmMenntun: ActressHæfileikar: Languages: English and Danish.