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Jón Gunnar Vopnfjörð Ingólfsson

  • 28 ára
  • Leikari & Söngvari

Jon Gunnar Vopnfjord (Jón Gunnar Vopnfjörð Ingólfsson) gratuated with a BA level degree in Acting from CISPA (Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts)

After graduating, he has performed on stage, in Marathon in Greece, “Platonov” by Anton Chekhov and toured in Denmark in a piece called “Berghain” by Magnus Iuel Berg.

He has been a part of a few movies and tv shows in Iceland, for example “Andið Eðlilega”/“And Breathe Normally” (2018) and “Verbúð” (2021).

To add, there is a short film coming out soon, directed by Denis Herzog, named “Lilitu” where Jon Gunnar is the Leading Actor.

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Hæð: 195 cmMenntun: BA í leiklist, CISPAHæfileikar: Singer/Songwriter, Scriptwriter, Athlete, Danish speaking, English speaking (British & American accents)