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  • 30 ára
  • Leikari & Söngvari

Having started acting very early on, he has appeared in various music videos, feature films, short films, worked with a devising theatre company and been in many school productions of RCSSD which he graduated from in 2015

Haraldur is also a backup singer and a percussionist in Retro Stefson which is a popular band in Iceland. As well as playing Icelands biggest venues, Retro Stefson has travelled all around Europe and in 2011 they signed with Vertigo (Universal music) in Germany

Nánari upplýsingar

Hæð: 186 CMMenntun: The Royal Central School of Speech and DramaHæfileikar: Accents: American-Southern States, American Standard, Icelandic (Native), German, RP, Scandinavian. Skills: BASSC-Rapier, Dagger & Unarmed (pass), Contemporary Dance, Guitar, Strong Singer, Physical Theatre, Devising, Clown, Horse-riding, Biomechanics, Car Driving License, Drag Queen Act. Languages: English, Danish (basic), German (basic), Icelandic