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I am curating 2 acting workshops and we still have spots available. The workshops are mainly for working actors and some acting students will be considered.   They will take place at Primal Island in Skeifan. 15th-19th January.


The Lucid Body: Physical Acting, Intensive Workshop (400 euros)

5 days - 15 to 19th January

Wednesday to Friday : 6pm to 10pm

Saturday and Sunday: 3pm to 8pm

In this workshop actors will receive an in-depth introduction to The Lucid Body Technique.  This exciting physical acting technique- used by actors such as Lupita Nyongo, academy award winner ‘Twelve Years a Slave’- uses the chakra energy centres of the body as a way to explore the connection between the movement of the body and emotional/psychological expression.  It is a very accessible method that gives actors tools for making bold, and authentic, choices in their acting.   Led by LA Acting Coach- and senior Lucid Body teacher- Kennedy Brown, actors will develop a process for moving beyond habitual limitations of expression in their acting- they will learn a process for un-locking emotional availability and developing greater trust in their impulses.  In this comprehensive workshop, actors will have an opportunity to explore some of the most valuable exercises of the Lucid Body Technique, including:  ‘The Blend’, which develops deep full-bodied listening and response in acting, and ‘Persona/Shadow/Child-Need’, a comprehensive process for Character Development based on the work of the psychologist, Carl Jung.  The goal of this intensive workshop is for actors to have a direct experience of the value of this technique in their acting.  Actors are encouraged to bring a monologue to the workshop- or a role from a project that they are currently developing for performance.  Actors of all levels are encouraged to attend.


Voice 3 day workshop (250 euros)

Wednesday 15th 1.15pm to 4.15pm

Thursday & Friday 16th, 17th - 1.15pm to 5.15pm

From Kennedy himself:

My goal is to share an approach to the Voice that allows you to experience how valuable it can be for your acting!In my previous Physical Acting workshops in Iceland , I have observed how- when actors are speaking text from scenes or monologues- that the level of work is often limited by the voice. This has made me decided to develop a workshop where we can focus entirely on the voice. So that actors have a sense of how to prepare this area of their instrument for their acting. In this workshop we will be using the Fitzmaurice Voice Technique, otherwise known as De-structuring/Re-structuring. This will be an intensive three days of breaking down the physical, energetic and emotional holdings that limit our ability to express ourselves fully through the voice. My desire is to present the material in such a way that you will be able to use it on your own, in your acting, after our workshop. There are a few materials that you need to bring with you to the workshop.1. Clothes that are suitable for movement- comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. 2. Also, please bring a light sweater and socks in case it gets cold.3. A Yoga mat4. Most Important is: A firm cushion, like a meditation pillow. The pillow that you bring should be firm enough that, when sitting on it, it lifts your buttocks off the ground about 15cm-20cm.5. Bring a light snack for each day and plenty of water- we will likely be taking one 15 minute break.*Finally, you will need to bring some text to work with. It would be ideal if you could bring something fresh- something that you are working on from a current project or a monologue that you have always wanted to to work with. Classical material, like Shakespeare or Greek drama is great because it allows us to explore ‘size’. However, the most important thing is to bring something that interests you. It is important to note that the focus of this workshop will be on Process and your Vocal Instrument and less on developing your text as an performance. The value of bringing text is that we want to observe: 1) Your voice habits when speaking memorized text and 2) the benefits of integrating voice techniques into your work with scripts.


Kennedy Brown

Kennedy is a Los Angles based Acting Coach who works with actors in Television & Film from LA and all around the world.  He specializes in Physical Approaches to Acting & Voice Techniques for Acting- using these techniques to give actors a process for connecting powerfully and authentically to their acting work.

For the past 12 years Kennedy has been the Master Movement Instructor at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Los Angeles where he leads a thriving Physical Acting program. He is also a Senior Lecturer at Cal State University Fullerton- where he teaches Physical Acting, Voice and Text in the BFA Acting program.  In addition to his studio work he teaches regular workshops in Los Angles as well as in Europe, Asia and across North America.

Kennedy is one of the primary teachers of the Lucid Body Technique- a physical acting technique which is gaining a strong reputation for being an effective and transformative system for training actors.  He has been an associate of Fay Simpson, Founder of the Lucid Body Technique, for over 25 years- as one of her original students, then as a member in her acclaimed movement theatre company and also as an assistant in her studio classes in the 1990’s.

Kennedy’s teaching is informed by his extensive background as an actor and his deep love for the creative process.  Before teaching he acted professionally for many years as a core company member of New York’s Jean Cocteau Repertory theatre- an award winning classical acting company that performed plays in rotating repertory.  He also performed with the Gravity Project- an innovative theatre company that combined cutting edge movement and voice techniques as the basis for creating original performances for the theatre.  Once he began teaching, he also began to direct for the theatre.  Most recently, in the Fall of 2018, he directed ‘Day of the Dead’, an original ‘Devised Theatre’ project that was performed outdoors at the University’s famous Arboretum gardens.  Kennedy has been instrumental in helping start the Devised Theatre program at CSUF, a program that empowers actors to develop and create original work.

In addition to being a certified Lucid Body teacher, Kennedy is also an Associate Instructor of the Fitzmaurice Voicework- a holistic approach for connecting to the authentic voice- and he has taught Voice & Text in professional actor training programs in NY and Los Angles for the past 20 years.



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